At Millennium Scholarships, we are passionate about education and the power of learning. Our foundation was built on one simple premise: everyone worldwide should have an equal opportunity to learn. From there, our goal was to push for educational opportunities, spread the awareness of higher education, and ultimately to raise the standard of education both locally and worldwide. Today, Millennium Scholarship is continuing to push for educational opportunities and to provide solutions to improving teaching and learning. We work with hundreds of partners worldwide with similar values and goals, and have hundreds of students ambassadors champion education.

Educational Opportunities- We are an advocate for increased educational opportunities that provide quality learning to students of all ages. We work with our partners to push for more government support, improved educational policies, and community support.

Solutions to Improve Teaching and Learning- We are also dedicated to helping teachers achieve their full potential by assisting them through their studies and providing them with financial assistance. We have helped hundreds of teachers in the last several years achieve their goals and allow them to give back to their community.